Covering the full spectrum of smiles, at Snodgrass-King

Family Dentistry Tennessee is committed to providing pediatric, cosmetic, adult and family dentistry in Middle Tennessee

When it comes to healthy smiles, Family Dentistry Tennessee covers the complete spectrum of your family’s dental needs. Offering everything from cosmetic services to pediatric and adult dental care, our level of commitment and professionalism has helped make us one of the premiere practices in Middle Tennessee.

Our teeth continually adjust as we grow older, and can slowly shift or resettle over time based on evolving chewing habits, individual diets and even the positions we sleep in. That’s why it’s so important to maintain the right level of care throughout our lives.

For children and teens with growing smiles, our specialists bring not just their expertise in pediatric dentistry, but also a skill for communicating with younger patients. They understand that many young people are uneasy about dental visits, often requiring extra patience and understanding.

As part of Snodgrass-King Dental Associates, Family Dentistry Tennessee carefully chooses their staff based on their skill, but also how well they interact with patients of all ages.

We always strive to create a comfortable, even relaxing environment where patients can settle back, or even get some work done. There’s free WiFi for all your devices, and complimentary gourmet coffee for the grown-ups.

Many of our adult patients started out with us as children, and now bring their own kids back to Family Dentistry Tennessee. We like to think that’s a reflection of the high quality level of care that’s always been the foundation of our business.

We handle extractions, implants, bonding, bridges and crowns. We also have skilled experts for dentures, partials, veneers and bleaching. We’re even equipped for fast emergency care for those unexpected visits.

Whether your eight years old or eighty, a quality smile can make a world of difference in terms of confidence and self-image. Our professionals can help your whole family achieve a higher level of dental care.

After all, Family Dentistry Tennessee is committed to providing the very best in dental services for Middle Tennessee, whether you’re seeking family care, adult or pediatric. We look forward to the chance of proving that commitment to both you and your family.