Treat Your Teeth to a New Year’s Resolution


It is that time again — time to make your New Year’s Resolution and keep it. But don’t let it feel like a chore or another To-Do on your list, especially if you get the whole family involved for fun and accountability. So this year, why not try focusing on your dental health along with your overall health and treat your teeth!

Go to the Dentist

Whether it is fear that has kept you from visiting the dentist or you just don’t have any time to make and go to an appointment, it shouldn’t be avoided forever. Many people skip dentist appointments and next thing you know… it’s been years since you’ve had a routine cleaning or maybe you never got that filling that you need. This year, make it a point to get those pearly whites back into shape.

For those with dental phobia or anxiety, ask us about sedation dentistry today!


You know that you can’t fool your dental hygienist and dentist by telling them that you floss every day if you don’t. Your lack of flossing will be obvious to them and their trained eyes. So instead of skirting around the truth, why not commit to flossing this year? Try keeping floss or flossers in your car, purse, and around the house. Maybe even leave some in your desk at work for after lunch or before meetings.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Turn that frown upside down. Have you always wanted straighter or whiter teeth? Maybe you lost or chipped a tooth a few years back and have yet to ameliorate the situation. This year is for you, so why not get those braces or veneers like you have always wanted. Taking care of your smile also betters your overall health – making it a win-win New Year’s resolution.

Quit Smoking

For so many, quitting smoking is at the top of the NYE Resolution list. Unfortunately, it is a battle fought and lost by many as well. Do it for your family, for yourself… even quit smoking to help save the money you spend daily or weekly on cigarettes. Smoking puts the body at risk of multiple cancers, gum disease, and multitudes of other diseases. Make this coming year the best one ever, and commit to no more smoking.

Eat Less Sugar

It has been found that sugary beverages like Diet Coke can be absolutely addicting. But all of those wasted calories are harmful to the body and teeth! If you have a crazy sweet tooth or a soda addiction, this is the year to cut back and try new healthy foods out. Eating less sugar reduces the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease! Plus, you won’t believe how incredible you feel if you limit your sugar intake and focus on healthy sugars to ingest like fruit smoothies.

Remember to take the time to care for your mind, mouth, and body. Get your loved ones and family involved in the positive change for this New Year’s resolution challenge to treat your teeth. The goal is to pick something for yourself and stick to it with the help of those around you. You deserve a dazzling, healthy smile – so let’s make it happen. Need to make that New Year’s appointment, request one online or give us a call at one of our five Middle TN locations.