We appreciate your desire to seek the best orthodontic care for you or your child. Our first priority is to provide the highest quality of treatment, and we pride ourselves on our patient respect, assuring you the best possible results.


Your orthodontist has performed a comprehensive exam to determine your orthodontic and orthopedic needs during the initial evaluation. This evaluation will also provide you with a baseline of information regarding teeth and bite problems that will need to be corrected. In order to correctly diagnose and treatment plan, your orthodontist may recommend getting a set of diagnostic records consisting of a series of photographs, x-rays and diagnostic models.


A consultation appointment will be scheduled a few weeks after the records have been taken. Your orthodontist will thoroughly review the records prior to the consultation visit and present all treatment options so you can make the most informed choice. Our treatment coordinator will then present fee and payment options. You may also schedule to get started with braces that same day.


Orthodontic fees and treatment philosophies can be different from office to office, and it is important for you to be comfortable with both. It is crucial that you look beyond the fees and be satisfied with the quality of care you will receive. We accept most insurance plans and will assist you in filing the necessary papers to your insurance company, which will be outlined at the consultation appointment. Because we realize the importance of straight teeth, a beautiful smile, and a healthy TMJ, our office works hard to make orthodontics affordable. Our fee is all-inclusive which consists of all orthodontic appointments, appliances for the estimated time, and retainers. We also supervise our patients for one year once the br