A Letter From Our Local Medicine Club
medine club - pediatric dentistry in Tennessee

“Dear Dr. Snodgrass,

In the Medicine Club, we emphasize to our members that doctors should have compassion for patients. We sometimes come across doctor who only view patients as numbers, but when we shadowed you, you made it clear that you care for your patients very much. It is evident today, especially after learning about the great number of hours you spend in Haiti.

I learned from you more than from any guest speaker that even came to the Medicine Club. I learned that dedication and hard work definitely pay off.

Thank you for reminding me of my goals and aspirations. I aspire to be a successful owner of a clinic myself–just like you.”

-Yarden Batz
BHS Medicine Club President

medicine club Brentwood, tennessee dentist
High school medicine club in Brentwood, Tennessee