We encourage your desire to seek the best possible orthodontic care for yourself and your loved ones. Orthodontic treatment is a long-term relationship between your family, the doctor, and the entire orthodontic team. Learn what you can expect on your first orthodontic evaluation. Don’t forget, braces are for adults too.

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At Snodgrass-King, we pride ourselves on our patient respect, assuring you the best possible results. We invite you to take a look for yourself. Head over to the before and after gallery to see some of our work in action. Don’t like traditional orthodontic appliances? Explore your options with Invisalign and clear braces



Orthodontists are uniquely educated experts in dentistry specializing in straightening teeth and aligning jaws. They prevent and treat dental and facial irregularities. Our dentists have experience with pediatric and adult orthodontics.

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A beautiful healthy smile is one of the most important investments a person can make. At Snodgrass-King great emphasis is placed on the orthodontic needs of our patients. We understand a patient’s smile affects every aspect of life from personal to financial.

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Orthodontists at Snodgrass-King work closely with our oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, and adult dentists to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that fully enhances your smile.

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At Snodgrass-King, we pride ourselves on our patient respect, assuring you the best possible results. We invite you to take a look for yourself.

Orthodontist Locations In Tennessee

Various Orthodontic Devices and Braces

Traditional Braces

You can never go wrong with proven and effective traditional braces. By the age of seven, your child should visit a pediatric orthodontist near you to help your children get that straight and beautiful smile. With traditional braces, your child will also get to choose the colors on their braces from time to time.

The Benefits of Braces for Children at Snodgrass and King Dentistry

Clear Braces

We’re happy to provide Invisalign services to our patients throughout Middle Tennessee. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign uses clear aligners that fit over the top of your teeth. So, not only do you not have to worry about seeing your braces, but you can also remove them when eating, flossing, or drinking!

Clear braces for kids in Tennessee

Palatal Expander Devices PED

One of the traditional orthodontic devices, a PED allows an orthodontist to make room for your child’s teeth to reach proper alignment. Typically, an expander is placed when a child is around seven to eight years old. This allows your child’s jaw to develop properly before they need braces. Make an appointment with one of our orthodontists in Franklin, Cool Springs, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, or Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Clear braces and invisalign


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