Special Needs Dentistry

Special Needs Dentistry

Many adults and children fear going to the dentist, but it can be especially frightening for children – and that much more scary for children with special needs. Whether it is a physical, medical, developmental, or cognitive condition, your child just may need more time in the dentist chair or specific arrangements. Every child is different and deserves individualized attention to meet their needs. There are plenty of resources to accommodate you and your child comfortably and satisfactorily.

What makes a great pediatric and special needs dentist?

Did you know that pediatric dentists actually have two more years of complex education and training than a general dentist? That’s dedication! During these extra years of training, certain subjects such as behavior management and sedation dentistry are studied and practiced.

Does your child suffer from attention deficit disorder? Are they simply more hyperactive? Our behavior management capabilities truly help us to better care for your child’s actions and manners while visiting our office. We also provide sedation dentistry safely to our more nervous and even more “fidgety” patients. While there are different levels of sedation, in general, sedation dentistry is used to help calm the patient’s movements, as well as their anxiety if they are overly excited or jumpy.

Those with cognitive conditions may not realize the importance of good oral hygiene, while those with physical disabilities may not actually be able to perform a suitable dental routine. Small tasks like properly brushing and flossing can be difficult for a number of reasons. Mom and dad, we are happy to discuss helpful dental care techniques for you to teach your child or help them when at home.

Why are we the best?

At Snodgrass-King, we are capable and more than happy to take care of any adjustments or limits that come with your child’s needs. Our lobby has lots of toys, comfortable seating, a FULL ARCADE, and a fish tank! In the dentist’s room, there are televisions. *Mom and dad, you may go into the dentist’s room with your child for added support during hygiene visits, just not for restorative appointments. Your child may also hold a stuffed animal or a toy that makes them feel more comfortable. In addition to choosing a new toothbrush and toothpaste, your child also has the opportunity to pick something from the treasure chest. Did I mention that we have a fish tank?

Worried or excited and full of questions? Give us a call or request an appointment online today! We want to be your first choice for your special needs dentist and pediatric dentist because it is our belief that a healthy and beautiful smile will be the foundation of a child’s future.