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Snodgrass-King is a multi-specialty practice, offering you a unique experience in pediatric dentistry, cosmetic and adult dentistry, and orthodontics. From birth through adulthood, we have specialists to care for your every dental need. The benefit is continuity of care through all phases of your life-giving you “a smile to build a future on.” P.S. You can find some smiles to build a future on over in our Smile of the Month section.

The combination of Dr. Snodgrass’ experience and Dr. King’s energy quickly infused the Hermitage area with a new expected standard of quality dental care. Shortly thereafter, the practice opened a second location in Franklin, Tennessee. Snodgrass-King has since opened three additional offices in Middle Tennessee and continues to operate with the quality care and passion that every Snodgrass-King patient has grown to expect.

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For over 25 years now, people have trusted us with their smiles. We welcome you to read more about how it all started in Tennessee.

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