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Cost of Braces | Snodgrass-King Orthodontics Treatment Timeline

Cost is often a high-priority factor that influences many parents’ decisions regarding orthodontic treatment for their children, or themselves. The cost of braces can vary depending on the type of material used, length of treatment, and if they are adult braces or pediatric braces.

When it comes to braces or orthodontic alternatives like Invisalign®, our patients need to know two things; how long will this treatment process take, and how much does it cost?

It makes sense that many parents want to know what the cost of braces will be for their child. Will it be affordable? Are there payment plans or should they plan to add to their savings accounts? Honestly, that would be a difficult question to give an “across the board” answer for, but here is our best cost-scale and timeline information for an entire orthodontic treatment.

What is the Cost of Braces?

Generally speaking, the cost of orthodontic treatment is dependent on various factors. One constant our patients can rely on, though, is that they will receive dedicated service from our skilled specialists. Each of our five locations in Tennessee is staffed with caring orthodontic specialists who work in teams to provide the most efficient, most effective orthodontic treatment methods to ensure your investment is protected for life. Straight teeth really are an investment for your children and yourself.

  • If a patient needs a “Phase I” of treatment, which is early treatment around the age of six and ten, the cost usually ranges from around $2000-4000. This treatment is suggested when there is a moderate to severe orthodontic problem that should not wait until later to be treated.
  • If that same patient then needs a “Phase II” of treatment, the cost can range from $3000-5000.
  • If the patient is in need of comprehensive orthodontic treatment, the range of cost can be anywhere from $4000-$6000. Of course, this is also dependent on the length of treatment, and if any appliance will be necessary after the braces or alternative orthodontic treatment have been removed. Needing braces on both the upper and lower jaws will increase the average cost, as well.

What Determines the Cost of Braces?

The Type of Materials Used for Braces

close up picture of ceramic braces in someone's mouth

The material used can also alter the cost of braces, which will change the actual cost compared to the average. Traditional metal braces use stainless steel metal and wire and are more visible. These metal braces cost less. On the higher end are ceramic braces which are tooth-colored and alternatives like Invisalign which is virtually invisible.

The Age You Start Treatment At

portrait of a happy smiling teenage girl with dental braces

Your child’s teeth move around easier while they’re younger, Therefore the earlier that you start your child on an orthodontic treatment plan the easier it will be for their teeth to respond to treatment. Of course, every patient is different, but your pediatric orthodontist will be able to give an accurate evaluation and create an optimized plan for your child.

Insurance Coverage

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Braces are expensive. But thankfully, insurance can help you pay for expensive treatments. So long as your insurance covers braces, you can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for your child’s orthodontic treatments without having to skip out on quality. In terms of treatment, that is.

The Intensity of Treatment That’s Needed

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of course, the level of treatment will also factor into the final costs. If your child has deforming mouth issues, is missing a tooth, has major jaw alignment problems, or some other horrible orthodontal dental problem, then treatment will most likely cost more.

How Long Does Braces Treatment Last?

Remember, the duration that you or your child needs braces is dependent on a handful of variables. If multiple extractions are necessary or your biological response to braces is slow, then you may need braces for longer. If you miss appointments or often break wires or brackets on traditional braces, you may also need your braces on for longer. It just depends on the mouth and how well a patient adheres to the guidelines of use.

Your Nashville Orthodontist

At Snodgrass-King Dental Associates, our fee is all-inclusive and consists of all orthodontic appointments, appliances for the estimated time, and retainers. Usually, removable retainers are worn full time for about 4-6 months followed by nighttime wear. Over the years of wear and tear, retainers may need to be replaced as needed. We also supervise our patients for the first year after the braces have been removed.

We are excited about this opportunity to help you achieve the smile you desire. Don’t forget about dental insurance. Additionally, you may have access to use your flexible spending account to pay for braces. This can help to lower certain costs. At the end of the day, are you comfortable with the price and most of all the quality of care? Your health and happiness are what matter most.

Are you curious about whether or not you or your child needs braces? We are at your service. Quickly and easily request an appointment online with Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental. We’d love to chat about all available options for pediatric and adult braces in TN.

It is our belief that a healthy and beautiful smile will be the foundation of a child’s future. It is our goal to provide this in a relaxing and fun-filled environment. As adults, we know the impact that your smile has on your self-esteem and the way that others view you.

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