Composite Fillings

What is a composite filling?

Dental composites, also called a “resin”, is a tooth colored material that’s used to fill cavities and repair fractured front teeth. Esthetically they look very natural and can be polished to appear very much like the natural tooth. Composites have replaced “silver” fillings which used to be the only option to fill cavities.

When do we use composite fillings?

On baby teeth, our pediatric dentists use composites for cavities that are relatively small or only located on one or two surfaces of the teeth. For baby teeth with large cavities or multiple locations the restoration of choice is a stainless steel crown. For adult teeth, unless there is considerable tooth structure loss requiring a dental crown, composites are the restoration of choice.

Do composites last long?

Composite fillings, when done on baby teeth, do not last as long as they last on permanent teeth. Because of this, when large cavities exist or they appear on multiple locations, a stainless steel crown is often the treatment of choice.