What is a dental filling?

A dental filling is a dental restorative material used to artificially restore missing tooth structure to proper anatomy and function. Missing tooth structure usually results from dental decay (cavities) or trauma to the tooth.

What is the dental filling made of?

The dental fillings we place are made of a material called composite. It is a durable plastic-like material. Composite or “white fillings” are tooth colored and more esthetically pleasing.

What about silver fillings?

Silver fillings are made of amalgam and still commonly used in dentistry. We do not offer amalgam fillings at our office because patients are no longer interested in them because of their color and apparent harm. However, amalgam does NOT cause any harm and is still recommended by the ADA as a good restorative material. Research shows it is one of the best restorative materials available.

Do fillings hurt after they are placed?

Composite fillings are shown to have a higher incidence of temperature sensitivity post operative. They sometimes take some time to get used to. Otherwise, there is no discomfort after.