Friday, April 8th is The Last Day To Enter

3 Lucky Winners Will Receive a Free Electric Toothbrush!

Snodgrass-King has been a Nashville Pediatric Dentist for over 25 years! In that time we’ve seen a lot of baby teeth disappear, and have watched as our little chomps grow up and leave the nest. In honor of all of our patients who will be graduating high school this year (2016), Snodgrass-King is requesting that parents and students fill out our short questionnaire and upload an image of the graduating senior.

Help us Congratulate our Graduating Seniors!

Statistics show that at-home and in-office oral health declines greatly after high school, but it is our job to make sure our graduates are keeping their oral health a priority long after they leave the nest!

Help SnodgrassKing ensure our graduating seniors are keeping their chomps shining bright while we congratulate them on their graduation!

What’s In It For You?

  • Graduating Seniors submissions will be used in Snodgrass-King ads through the end of the year!
  • Help yourself / your graduating senior keep up with oral heath post-high school with a Free Electric Toothbrush (3 winners will be drawn at random)
  • Get showcased on our website
  • Get showcased on our social media outlets

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