National Orthodontic Health Month

National Orthodontic Health Month

It is becoming more and more common to celebrate fun, random holidays like National Cheeseburger Day and National Sibling Day, so why not jump on the train and join us for National Orthodontic Health Month this October!

Halloween is around the corner, and of course, all grocery stores are displaying massive amounts of candy and sugary treats to entice every sweet tooth that walks by. In addition, fall is the perfect time for pumpkin pie and candy apples. What’s better than a pumpkin spiced latte when you are running errands with the kids on a chilly weekend?

Bringing awareness to National Orthodontic Health Month will assist you and your children to make better choices when picking out candy and holiday treats, as well as help you to be proactive in scheduling dental check-ups.

In fact, a recent study on National Orthodontic Health Month discovered that adults with proper orthodontic treatment said that it truly contributed to significant improvements in both their professional and personal lives. It’s finally that time to look into getting your child’s orthodontic needs.

We want to be great role models for your children and their teeth. So moms and dads, help us to spread a smile and share the news that October is National Orthodontic Health Month. It is the best time to prepare for the holidays, while keeping happy, healthy bodies and teeth. We have the tools for you and your children to join in on all the fun!

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Getting in The Holiday Spirit

Are you ready to take care of business? Have you been thinking about finally taking care of your child’s crossbite or your misaligned teeth? Now is the time because what better month to get braces than during National Orthodontic Health Month? Over 1,000 orthodontists celebrate October as National Orthodontic Health Month, and we do too, so let us hook you up and mind your family’s dental health to better your mind and bodies!