Floss After Eating Popcorn

Don’t forget to floss after eating popcorn, kernel shells can cause infection!

Getting popcorn stuck in your teeth is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be detrimental to your child’s dental health. Leaving stuck popcorn in teeth and gums could lead to tooth decay. In extreme cases where the problem is not dealt with, tooth loss may also occur. Children love to snack, and popcorn can be a healthy option, just make sure to follow proper oral hygiene after eating.

Kernels stuck in your teeth and in between teeth and gums at times can go unnoticed. These hard pieces slowly scrape your gums and can embed further down in the gum as you chew. If these pieces of popcorn are left, they can become infected and harbor bacteria.

The Cure for Popcorn

Brushing and flossing, in most cases, is the cure for popcorn stuck in teeth. It is important to do after eating popcorn even if you don’t feel a stuck piece of the kernel. Even though you may not feel it, there could still be some pieces lodged in the gums. In some cases, you may not be able to remove the kernel yourself. A dentist can help remove debris like this with a professional cleaning and administer medications if an infection has begun.

When to see your pediatric dentist:

  • If you feel pain in your mouth that isn’t alleviated with brushing and flossing
  • If you can feel food particles lodged in your mouth that you can’t remove
  • If your breath is chronically bad, even after brushing
  • If you experience gum bleeding, this could be from an infection

The pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King Dental want to make sure you and your children are keeping up with your dental care! We are here to help with emergency situations if they arise, but don’t forget about getting scheduled cleanings!

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