Orthodontist in Murfreesboro

Meet Dr. Nic Bisig!

Snodgrass-King Dental Associates have a well-educated and caring staff at all locations in Nashville. Did you know that we also have an orthodontist location in Murfreesboro?

Tell us a little about your background.

I was actually born and raised in Hendersonville – right outside of Nashville. When I was younger, we moved all over and landed in the southeast for my dad’s job. That’s when I ended up at the University of Georgia for undergrad. I studied biomedical engineering. Realizing engineering wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, I was lead to dentistry. I decided to go to the Medical College of Georgia and become a dentist. Finally, I went to the University of Colorado Denver to become an orthodontist.

What brought you back to Tennessee?

My wife and I decided that we wanted to come back to Nashville. That’s when I started at Snodgrass-King, in 2014, at the Cool Springs office.

I got diagnosed with cancer about two years ago. I went through chemo last year, which ended around Christmas of last year. Initially, we actually went to Georgia for a little while to be around family, but then we decided that since chemo was done, we wanted to come back to Nashville. We love it here.
That’s when I had the opportunity to work at Snodgrass-King an orthodontist in Murfreesboro. So far, I am cancer free! Feels good.

Why did you choose to work at Snodgrass-King?

I got along with Dr. Miriam Hall and Dr. Snodgrass. They’re great people. It just really felt like the right place for me at the time, and it felt like the right fit. I enjoy my work here, and I am happy to be an orthodontist in Murfreesboro, TN. Above all, the patients and the environment are great!

Is anyone in your family a dentist?

My brother met and married a dentist, but no one else is an orthodontist. I mentioned earlier that I studied biomedical engineering and knew that wasn’t exactly the career for me. My third year of dental school is when I actually decided to go into orthodontics. It mixes my engineering background with children, which is what I love. My orthodontist growing up was great, and my mom always wanted one of her kids to be an orthodontist. So here I am today – an orthodontist.

What do you love about being an orthodontist?

It’s simple. I love working with kids… changing their smiles. It’s just an awesome job. I am happy to do what I love and help kids.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?

I have a wife and a baby girl, Lauren, who just turned one. We spend most of our time with her and our dog, Jackson. We love to travel, and I enjoy fly-fishing and golfing.

If you are interested in a skilled and friendly orthodontist for your family, come visit Dr. Nic Bisig in Murfreesboro! Set up your next appointment using our online form or give us a call.