National Tooth Fairy Day

The Tooth Fairy Inspires Great Oral Health

Mom, did you know that February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day? We often take so much time to get ready for Santa and the Easter Bunny, but why not be prepared for when your little one is losing teeth! What a wonderful opportunity to focus on kids’ dental health and talk about why going to the pediatric dentist is necessary and actually pretty fun!

In Europe, children used to bury their lost teeth and then receive a small gift or money after a certain amount of teeth had fallen out. Even Vikings would pay their children for losing their baby teeth. No one knows exactly when the “Tooth Fairy” came about, but the tradition continues in many American homes. Though this custom is not a “holiday” – it is a fun way to educate your kids on the importance of clean, healthy teeth!

Tooth Fairy Support

Some of you moms are incredible with arts, crafts, and DIY projects, while others are still trying to find imaginative ways to get an extra hour or two of sleep each night. Looking to give the tooth fairy a creative spin? We are here to make this exciting event easy and magical! Try one of these ideas out:

Making The Kid’s Dentist Fun

We know all too well that many children (and adults) are afraid of going to the dentist… possibly because they associate it with going to someone like the doctor. Thankfully, needles are not part of most routine check-ups at the dentist, so let’s help your children feel comfortable at the pediatric dentist.

There are a handful of ways, along with a cool tooth fairy, to get your child more comfortable with going to the kid’s dentist. First and foremost is having a great dental routine at home. Remember, baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth. Moms, if you are teaching your children about good oral hygiene, then you are helping your kids to know what is happening when the dentist brushes and flosses their teeth. Start excellent dental health and going to the dentist when your children are young. Help them to feel prepared for their first dental visit. Going for a routine check-up at the pediatric dentist should not hurt, so don’t use any scary, descriptive words to accidentally cause nightmares. Positivity is key!

Here are a few websites with apps, songs, and videos for kids’ dental fun!

Don’t feel overwhelmed about having the best tooth fairy in your child’s elementary school. Simply focus on your family’s dental health and being comfortable with going to the pediatric dentist. Brushing teeth and not eating loads of candy can be cool with the right approach. Feeling confident? Request an appointment. Let’s celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day together and make your child smile!