Pediatric Dental Care

Good Pediatric Dental Care Starts At Home

Can you believe that 42% of children ages 2 to 11 develop cavities in their baby teeth?! Too many children develop bad oral hygiene habits from early on. Mom, we want to kick the habit and set you and your family up for success. We have the bad habits and solutions for you!

    1. Brush Longer &More Thoroughly

There is such a thing as brushing too often, but more commonly seen is just not brushing well. Sure, all people usually see are the fronts of your teeth, but the back of your teeth are just as important. Teach your child to get in all of the nooks and crannies – front and back. How long do you have to do this for? Some people set a timer, while some people hum a song. Whatever your trick is, just make sure to brush for at least two minutes with your child.

    1. Be Gentle | Don’t Floss and Brush Roughly

If you aren’t flossing with your kids, you should be. It only takes a couple of minutes, and their whole body will thank them. Show them how to gently slide the floss between each set of teeth and slide back and forth in a zig-zag motion. Make it fun to clean teeth by having a teeth song or book handy! When brushing, show your child how to easily brush all surfaces of the teeth. Brushing harder will only hurt the gums and toothbrush bristles.

    1. Brush Alone? Bad Habits Will Come!

I know, I know… getting the kids up and putting the kids to bed are not always the easiest tasks of the day. Add brushing teeth to that whole fiasco, and it turns into a nightmare for many households.

Brush your teeth with your children. Even make it a family activity so that you can properly show them how to brush, as well as how long to brush. Letting your children brush alone is a fast way for them to develop bad habits.

    1. Old Toothbrush? Get a New One

I think a lot of us just forget that we have had the same toothbrush for months. We don’t let our kids put anything and everything in their mouths, so same thing goes for your family’s toothbrushes. It may be easy to wait until visiting the dentist to get a new toothbrush to use, but every 6 months just won’t cut it. Buy in bulk and replace every couple of months. Mark it on your calendars or in your phones.

    1. Bottle to Bed = Bad

Allowing your baby to fall asleep with a bottle may seem like a quick sleeping fix, but it can actually cause bacteria and tooth decay early on. No fun! If possible, try to keep this habit from developing from day one. Many moms find it helpful to stick to a feeding schedule that eliminates your young ones from eating too close to naptime and bedtime.

    1. Snacks and Treats Hurt Your Teeth

Did you know that juices and snack drinks can have the same consequences as soft drinks to your teeth? Oh my! Same goes for eating too many fruit snacks. Fruits, juices, and sports drinks may seem like a “healthy” choice, but your child’s poor teeth disagree. If anything, make an effort to avoid these before bed. Shoot for water and veggies.

    1. Regular Visits

By the age of one, your child should go to a pediatric dentist. This will help you and your child to develop a good relationship with your dentist, as well as for your child to hopefully feel pretty comfortable when going to the dentist in the future. From then on out, come see us twice a year at least.

Of course we want to provide you with excellent service at Snodgrass-King, but we also want you and your family to have the tools and information to take great care of yourselves at home. Feeling unprepared or like you are full of bad habits? Request an appointment with us, and we will get you back on track for a healthier life.