When should my newborn child see the pediatric dentist?

Parents all over the Middle TN area want what is best for their child, especially in those first few years of life. While your child’s toothless smile delights you now, a proper pediatric dentist can make sure that this is the case for everyone who sees your child smile for the rest of their life.

When should you first see a pediatric dentist, and what should you expect to happen during that first visit? Read on to learn the basics!

When should my newborn child see a dentist?

There are two ways to answer when your child should first see a pediatric dentist:

  • By the age of 1
  • Within 6 months of their first tooth coming in

It’s up to you to track this, but doing whichever one comes first is when you want to go for that first visit. This is because that first visit to a pediatric dentist is usually a very casual visit for the child, and involves little treatment.

It can be important to have a non-threatening, friendly and casual first visit to a pediatric dentist for your child as you don’t want this new person in your child’s life to be automatically associated with pain and discomfort.

What will happen at my child’s first dentist visit?

A typical first visit to a pediatric dentist for your child will consist of:

  • Checking the existing teeth for any signs of decay
  • Examining their bite
  • Looking for any potential problems with gums, jaw, oral tissues
  • Potential for light cleaning
  • Assess fluoride needs

With your child just beginning their oral health care routines, it’s important that these first few assessments are made so that they can be corrected early on. It is unlikely that anything will happen at this first check-up, but a beginning point needs to be established in order for your pediatric dentist to know how to move forward.

What will I need to know about my child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist?

We’ve had many worried parents from the Middle TN area come into our dental practice with worries about their child’s future. Concerned parents will have their worries put to rest as you discuss these issues with your pediatric dentist:

  • What are good oral hygiene practices for my child’s teeth?
  • What fluoride needs does my child have?
  • Should I be concerned about thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking, etc.
  • What are the upcoming developmental milestones I can anticipate?
  • What should I do about teething?
  • Tips on proper nutrition for oral health.
  • What schedule should we set for my child’s dental visits?

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Another important note is that your first visit to a pediatric dentist in Middle TN will also involve a bit of paperwork. Be sure to show up at our practice with all of your child’s relevant health information. Having all of this ready is another important aspect of your child’s oral health needs as we work to get a complete understanding of your child’s health, and it gives our pediatric dentists the best possible chance of giving you the best care in Middle TN!