Dr. Robin Hobbs, Local Pediatric Dentist

Snodgrass-King Doctor Profile – Pediatric Dentist Dr. Robin Hobbs

How well do you know your dentist? Your child’s dentist? When choosing a pediatric dentist for your child, why not get to know the person behind the floss? Because oral care is so important to a person’s overall health, you and your child deserve an educated, helpful, and caring dentist.

This month we are spotlighting Dr. Robin Hobbs, a pediatric dentist at Snodgrass-King Dental Associates.

How about we start with an intro? Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’m not a native of Nashville. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, a lover of all things traveling. If I’m not traveling, then I’m definitely a homebody. I’m one of those people that rather have a game night or just watch a movie at home instead of go out. But if I’m traveling, I’m more spontaneous and want to see everything.

We hear you’re a huge sports fan. What’s your favorite sports team?

Of course, I love anything Houston, but I love football most. I actually do cheer for the TN Titans because I live here AND they used to be the Houston Oilers. I just love going to sports games. I watch football, basketball, and baseball.

We also heard that you paint. Tell us more about this…

I actually began painting when I was in dental school. I moved to Nashville to go to dental school, and painting was the perfect way for me to relieve stress. I would go to Hobby Lobby…buy canvases and pick a color…see where the brush would lead me. I really got into painting for my clients and friends. A couple of these were made for a friend’s child’s room.

Some of Dr. Hobbs Paintings

Why did you become a dentist?

I always knew I wanted to do something in the healthcare field, so when I went to high school, we actually got to pick courses that had to deal with health related careers. In tenth grade, I took a dental class. I loved it — found it fascinating how people’s smiles could change them.

I was a thumb sucker, even as a teen, so I had to get braces. I have first hand experience in how hard it is to get rid of that habit and how that feels. After braces, I couldn’t believe that my teeth weren’t crooked anymore. It made me feel a whole lot better! I know it can make others feel better too. I always hear people say they had a bad experience as a child, but I’ve always had a good experience at the dentist. I love being a pediatric dentist because I want to help kids and teens to want to keep coming back to the dentist. I love starting with the little ones so that they can get used to it and be happy as adults.

What is your favorite thing about being a dentist?

At the end of the day or at the end of a procedure, it’s their hugs or smiles. I feel like I’ve done my part. They are so scared when they walk in the door, but after they say, “thank you” or “that wasn’t bad at all.” I’m happy to take away the pain. I love hearing them tell their parents that it wasn’t bad.

Is anyone else in your family in dentistry?

No, I’m the very first one, and I hope I’m not the last.

At which Snodgrass-King Dental Associates location do you work?

I work out of both the Hermitage location and the newest location in Mount Juliet. I started in Cools Springs working directly with Dr. Snodgrass, but I’ve actually worked out of all our locations.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Hobbs at the Hermitage location, or the Mt. Juliet location today!

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

And because it is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Hobbs offered some great advice for adults and children alike. “I tell parents all the time,” begins Dr. Hobbs, “you may not think about it with your children because oral cancer is known as a smoker and longtime drinkers disease, but the newest thing is that kids who get HPV may get lesions in their mouths.” It is important for parents and older children to get tested.

Dr. Hobbs’ obvious enthusiasm and excitement for pediatric dentistry is inspiring and encouraging. Her dedication to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for children and teens is what all parents want for their children’s dentist experience. At Snodgrass-King, the staff also excels in special needs dentistry. Dentists like Dr. Hobbs are valuable to special needs dentistry because of their desire to create a happy, safe place for all patients. Interested in meeting our dentists? Request an appointment with us! We’d love to meet you.