summer is ruining your teeth

Sweet Treats of Summer

Summer reminds us of sweet treats like lemonade, ice cream, and frozen yogurt (don’t forget the delicious toppings!). Sorry, we probably have you getting ready to go look in your fridge to satisfy your sweet tooth, but don’t act so quickly! Did you know that these snacks aren’t only bad for your body, but your teeth too? The high sugar content and acid levels could be seriously ruining your teeth. That means all those summer cocktails, poolside lemonades, and sunny day ice-cream breaks are doing more damage than you’d think.

Be Choosy When You Snack

Instead of giving your kids a sugary snack try a variety of these healthy alternatives!

  • Raw crunchy fruits and vegetables actually help clean your teeth. (Goes great with non-fat yogurts)
    o Apples
    o Carrots
    o Strawberries
    o Celery
    o Kiwis
    o Cucumbers
  • Grains with no sugar additives
    o Plain bagels
    o Unsweetened cereals
    o Baked tortilla chips
    o Plain crackers
  • Milk and dairy products can strengthen your teeth
    o Low or non-fat milk,
    o low or non-fat yogurt
    o low or non-fat cheese
  • Meat, nuts and seeds
    o This category helps provide protein

A healthy diet will help your child’s bones and muscles grow strong so all their body’s systems can work together properly.

What’s So Wrong With Sugary Snacks?

Invisible germs known as bacteria live in your mouth. Some of these bacteria form a sticky substance called plaque on the surface of your teeth. When you put sugar in your mouth, the bacteria in the plaque turn the sugar into acids. The acids that are formed are powerful enough to dissolve the hard enamel that covers your teeth, which causes cavities. Therefore, the more you eat sugar, the more you start ruining your teeth.

Now, it’s not necessarily the amount of sugar, but how often it’s consumed that’s harmful to your teeth. This is a reason why sugared sodas and energy drinks are so dangerous. Every time you take a sip of your drink the sugar is hitting your teeth. Most sugary beverages are also highly acidic… double uh oh!

Get Your Oral Hygiene On

In addition to brushing 2x a day, flossing, and using a fluoride mouth wash it is vitally important to visit you and your child visit your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning. Here’s why:

    • • Review brushing and flossing techniques
      • Floss between your teeth
      • Polish your teeth
      • Remove any plaque and tarter
      • Check the cleanliness of your teeth and gums

Learning to like the dentist at a young age and practicing proper oral hygiene techniques will help your child learn the value of keeping their teeth and gums healthy! Call us today for your child’s summer appointment!