Long-Term Benefits of Braces for Children

Children who grow up with poor teeth often suffer long-term effects. This is two-fold because of their dental health and because of how their peers treat them. As a result, parents need to fully understand the problems a child with crooked teeth experiences and how braces can help them overcome these issues as fully as possible.

People Harshly Judge Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth have nothing to do with indicating a person’s intelligence, abilities, or value. Still, most individuals will harshly judge a person who has crooked teeth. That judgment typically lies in the belief that crooked teeth are not just ugly. They imply the impression of lower-class individuals who don’t have money to straighten and repair their smile.

Harsh judgments like these are not fair but are a real part of the world. As a result, many adults work hard to improve the appearance of their teeth. Once they have their own jobs or insurance to cover the repairs, orthodontics become an option. Unfortunately, children may not have that luxury. Unless, of course, their parents fully understand just how much a child’s life is affected when they have crooked teeth.

Children May Be Seriously Mocked for Crooked Teeth

When a child has crooked teeth, their oral health often suffers. Misaligned teeth may even trigger bad breath or other issues such as gingivitis. These health issues are embarrassing to many children and complicate the self-image problems caused by crooked teeth. Sadly, the mental health issues caused by bullying due to bad teeth can be worse than physical problems. These invisible wounds can stick with a person forever.

For example, studies have found that children who were bullied carry not only the scars of the emotional hurt caused by bullying but also their self-esteem issues into adulthood. This decreased self-perception occurs because the mocking that a person received as a child had an impact on a subconscious level of self-image as well as a conscious level.

For example, an adult who was called “ugly” as a child because they had crooked teeth. They may still feel that they are ugly years later. Therefore, parents of children with crooked teeth need to talk to them about any bullying they may have experienced. Taking steps to get their teeth corrected with braces as soon as possible will also end the bullying.

Braces for Children Can Help

In the past, children often fought as hard as they could to avoid getting braces. However, advances in restorative dentistry have removed almost all of the pain and discomfort that made wearing braces such as a challenge. For example, there are pain-free braces that fit over teeth without having to be attached to them.

These types of braces are also designed to be nearly as invisible as possible to the naked eye. Even better, these braces fit on the teeth like a mouth guard and can be removed at night if a child gets uncomfortable. Old braces of this type can then be used as a retainer to keep a child’s teeth in the right position as they age.

And even if a child has to get more traditional braces, advances in their development and application make them harder to see but more effective. As a result, a child is likely to avoid getting mocked for bad teeth and braces and will be able to remove their braces more quickly than was possible in the past.

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Dentists Can Fit Children with Braces

Parents who are concerned about their children being mocked for bad teeth need to take appropriate protective steps. The pain of mockery shouldn’t have to follow a child just because their teeth are a little crooked. And even if your child isn’t being teased for their smile, getting braces to improve their smile is still beneficial because they will feel more confident and more likely to smile.

Therefore, parents of children with crooked teeth should contact the dental associates at Snodgrass-King to learn more about how restorative dentistry and braces can help. Braces come in many different varieties, so parents and children have plenty of high-quality options.