National Autism Awareness Month: Pediatric Dentistry that Celebrates Autism with Special Needs Dentistry

autism awareness
Each year in April National Autism Awareness Month is celebrated. The goal is to bring awareness and shine a light on individuals who fall under one of the autism spectrum disorders. Autism is a mental condition that is normally present from early childhood. Autism is defined as individuals who have difficulty communicating and forming relationships with other people. Using language and abstract concepts in conversation may be difficult, as well. Snodgrass-King decided years ago that their dental services would fully support children with autism by advocating their special needs dentistry into their pediatric dental services. With special needs dentistry, children with autism can receive customized dental care. This helps patients and their caregivers have a pleasant and fully supportive dental experience.


Why Specialized Dental Care for Autism?

Because children with autism fall under special needs health care, children and young adults with autism need a specific type of dental care when they visit their local dentist. The whole process of getting a dental exam and treatment can be frightening and uncomfortable for children with special needs because they have a different perspective of their surroundings.

Snodgrass-King is an organization that took it upon themselves to direct their dentistry toward people with conditions like Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s and the like. Special needs dentistry specialists at this firm are more than just experts in the field of dentistry. They are experts in the field of compassion.

Snodgrass-King provides a slew of special needs dental treatments such as:

  • Special needs dentistry
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Dental surgery
  • Dental cleanings

Special needs dentistry is any form of dentistry that pertains to a person who has a disability that impairs his or her physical, mental, or developmental processes so much that they need additional oral health services to receive proper dental care. Pediatric dentistry offices that also provide special needs services for children have additional dental staff members to provide counseling and assistance during all phases of dental treatments. The treatment areas are developed in a pleasing and inviting fashion. Additionally, experts speak candidly and provide support for the caregiver who brings the child in for their dental procedure.


When is Sedation Dentistry Needed for Special Needs?

Sedation dentistry may be necessary for painful procedures like deep cleaning and root canal therapy. Dental surgery is any procedure that involves piercing or cutting the gums. Examples of such surgery types are complex wisdom tooth extractions and dental implant installations. Dental cleanings are routine procedures that all patients should get at least twice per year. Children’s dentistry and pediatric dentistry take care of the younger people who come in with tooth issues. It deals with them on a personal level so that they can maintain their proper dental hygiene as long as they live.

When it comes to special needs dentistry and pediatric dentistry, Snodgrass-King is in a league of its own. Patients love the special needs programs Snodgrass-King offers due to the constant improvement and innovative ways the dental staff members come up with in order to accommodate existing and new patients with autism and other special needs. Snodgrass-King accepts payment methods for children’s dentistry such as cash, credit card, and dental insurance, as usual. In addition, Snodgrass-King takes its services a step beyond other providers and also offers benefits such as third-party dental financing. Dental treatments have financing options help special needs caregivers and patients. They must fall under special conditions and need care now but lack the ability to pay otherwise.


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Scheduling an appointment for dental care has become easier than ever with new online scheduling portal. The convenience of booking online appointments makes scheduling dental appointments easy. It allows for an appropriate time to plan ahead so that the patient with special needs is ready to visit the dentist when that time comes. From that point on, new dental patients will receive professional and compassionate dental care services from some of the best dentists and dental hygienists in the business.

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