The Powers Of Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

pediatric Orthodontics
There is something special to say about dental practices that combine pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, especially since both dental branches are involved in giving children healthy mouths and beautiful smiles.

Where pediatric dentistry is concerned, children receive pediatric dental care that is attuned to provide services that maintain the dental needs of young people. Children are also taught how to take care of their own teeth when pediatric care is encouraged. From their very first baby tooth all the way through their teen years, pediatric care is there to provide the support children need to support their oral health.

Pediatric dentistry focuses on dental care and education for children and their parents that help teach preventative dental care to the adolescent and their caregivers. Pediatric dentists also examine, diagnose, and treat dental conditions, dental injuries and oral diseases during the most important stages of dental growth. Pediatric dentists are have training that helps them make kids feel more comfortable when getting their dental exams and dental treatments.

Orthodontists that specialize in pediatric dentistry are specifically trained to diagnose and treat dental conditions in children. Dental treatments for misalignments in the teeth and/or jaws. Orthodontic treatments, including braces, clear aligners and retainers, gradually reposition teeth into healthier and aesthetically appealing placement. Orthodontic treatment is especially effective in adolescence when the positioning of adult teeth is most malleable, which makes working alongside pediatric dentistry a natural match.

When your child starts early with dental exams and routine oral care they have an advantage to being diagnosed by their pediatric dentist for early assessments of dental problems. Early detection of dental problems that require further care in pediatric orthodontics to anticipate other issues in the future. This is true for spatial concerns or teeth positioning problems which could cause more damage in the future for the patient if they are not detected early. The convenience of having an orthodontist in-house helps Snodgrassking monitor patients in their adolescent years for any structurally related dental check up. This also aids in determining the best time for when a patient may need braces or if the patient would be a better candidate other orthodontic treatments, like Invisalign.

Many structural problems in the mouth begin earlier in life and have better results when orthodontic treatments are performed while the adult teeth are still fairly new due to the teeth still being more flexible in their positioning. When pediatric dentists routinely monitor potential dental problems it helps to have an orthodontist nearby who can stay abreast of the issues and be prepared when and if further action will be needed. For patients who already have orthodontic work, the combined services of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics offered at Snodgrassking can give a child the special attention they need in maintaining their oral hygiene while they also receive the orthodontic adjustments they require at the same place.

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