Special Needs Dentists Support Autism Awareness

special needs dentistry
Ever wonder what it’s like to see the world from a different point of view?

Children and adults who have been diagnosed with autism or one of the autism spectrum disorders (Asperger syndrome and PDD-NOS) see the world in a way that disables them from performing daily tasks that “normal” people do easily.  Because autism is becoming so widely recognized and more people continue to be diagnosed, special needs dentists are becoming a very important branch of dentistry.

Member States of the United Nations took measures to raise awareness internationally and put autism on the map by making April 2nd the World Autism Awareness Day that is celebrated worldwide. Autism has become so common that healthcare professionals have also taken action to better support the needs of people who are hindered by their disability. Special needs dentistry and dental hygiene fall into one of the categories that people with autism have a hard time remembering or performing on their own.

Healthcare and dental professionals who cater to people with Special Healthcare Needs (SHCN) provide dental services to individuals with autism in order to ensure their oral health needs are met.  Whether the disability is physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional, special needs dentists offer full-time dental services, making their services high in demand.  That’s why dentists who cater to individuals with learning disabilities are so important as they offer additional dental treatments for people with autism.

How Special Needs Dentistry and Sedation Dentistry Support Patients With Autism

Special needs dentistry often combines common dental procedures with sedation dentistry, as these two services aid in providing dental services that are both convenient and pleasant to the patient’s needs.  Sedation dentistry is the practice of providing anesthesia or medication to patients receiving dental procedures.  The main benefits of providing sedation services during a dental exam are to reduce the overall fear or stress the patient may have due to them not being able to understand what is happening.  This way, the dental procedure experience is remembered as pleasant and anxiety-free even.

Is it time for you to schedule a dental appointment with your dentist? Make an appointment for sedation dentistry and take the next step in making your child fearless about visiting the dentist!