Top 10 Reasons Why We Suggest Drinking AQUATION Water



1)  AQUATION is the only water enhanced with electrolytes and xylitol, a sweet substance from the birch tree that, when exposed to the mouth, reduces plaque-causing bacteria!

2)  AQUATION’s water source is a pristine spring in rural Southern Georgia that is ultra-purified before bottling. That means there’s none of the bad stuff found in tap water!

3)  AQUATION has a healthy alkaline Ph of 7.8+, so it’s not acidic like most beverages. This helps raise the pH in your mouth to prevent acid damage to tooth enamel. Tooth decay can only happen when your mouth is acidic (a PH under 7).

4)  AQUATION contains Calcium, which helps strengthen your teeth and bones. (4% 16.9oz bottle & 8% 1L bottle)

5)  Simply put, AQUATION tastes amazing! If you have never tried it, make sure you get one next time you visit Snodgrass-King.

6)  AQUATION’s xylitol helps increase calcium absorption. Studies in Japan show that calcium and xylitol have a synergistic relationship. The fact that AQUATION has both is one reason they say it’s “brilliant water for a brighter smile”.

7)  Water is amazing, and the benefits of being adequately hydrated are widespread. Your body uses water to transport nutrients and eliminate toxins. Drinking more water even improves energy levels, so if you’re feeling fatigued in the afternoon, having an AQUATION will refresh and revive.

8)  Like the water inside, AQUATION’s packaging is super premium from the label to the bottle to the cap; it makes a great accessory for the gym and the office. (bottles are BPA-free!)

9)  AQUATION helps improve oral systemic health. The state of your oral health directly affects your overall health and well-being. Did you know gum disease is the #2 risk factor for heart disease?

10)  When you buy AQUATION, you’re supporting a local company founded by Nashvillians!