Top Five Questions to Ask Your Family Dentist

Sometimes asking questions can be difficult. In today’s world, we are always encouraged to look up the answers to our questions and not really engage in meaningful conversation for the fear of looking like a technological dinosaur. That shouldn’t be the case at your family dentist, however.

At Snodgrass-King, we want to let you know that asking questions is not only welcomed but encouraged! As experts in family dentistry, we are excited to share our expertise with you.

Here are five questions we encourage you to ask us during your next appointment.

What can I do to improve my family’s dental health?

Every family is different and operates in its own way. Your family dentist will be able to come up with a plan that will best suit the needs and lifestyle of your family. Based on your family’s needs, your dentist can recommend kinds of toothpaste, toothbrushes, and specific diets to follow. Creating a customized plan for your family is the first step to achieving better dental health.

Is there anything my family doctor needs to know?

Some problems with your overall health can actually start in the mouth. For example, heart disease can be caused by bacteria traveling from the mouth to the bloodstream. Make sure to ask if any dental problems you have can possibly lead to overall problems with your health. Once your family doctor knows this information, your family doctor and family dentist can then come up with ways to fix or prevent overall health problems.

What is my family’s overall dental health status?

Your family dentist can perform all the standard tests and x-rays needed to determine where you stand on the dental health spectrum. Asking about your family’s overall dental health status is crucial for catching any bad habits children have that can affect their dental health. A family dentist can also catch any bad habits mom and dad might be doing that is negatively affecting the kids (after all, children do copy their parents).  It’s best to get started on fixing these habits now before it becomes an issue when your child grows up.

What recommendations can you make for my family’s diet?

As stated above, every family deals with different dental issues. A dentist can make recommendations on what foods and drinks to avoid or consume. Your dentist can make recommendations for what foods or drinks to consume that will fight against cavity and staining problems, as well as, finding friendly alternatives.

How often should we see the dentist as a family?

Creating a dental schedule with your dentist is important. Depending on your family’s overall dental health, a dentist can come up with a specialized schedule of when the visits are and what the visits will focus on. Make sure to stay actively involved in your scheduling and stay on top of all your appointments.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions is how we learn and we can then apply that knowledge to better improve ourselves. At Snodgrass-King, we encourage patients to ask us any questions they have about dental health. We care about teeth and we care about you! We want to share our expertise!