Don’t Forget the Floss!

Don’t forget to floss. If you don’t floss you could be missing 33% of your teeth!


Flossing helps remove plaque that your toothbrush just can’t reach. If plaque is not removed as part of your child’s regular dental hygiene routine, tartar can build up on teeth. Tartar is a hard deposit that forms on teeth, usually at the base of the tooth. The build-up of this substance irritates the gums and can cause bleeding and gum disease. Not only is it unhealthy, it is a visible yellow, brown, or substance black stuck onto teeth.

If you do not floss, plaque can turn into tartar and brushing and flossing alone won’t remove it at this stage. Only a dental visit for a professional cleaning will help to restore teeth to their previous beauty. If left too long, permanent damage may be inflicted on teeth and gums, so it is best to practice regular flossing to ensure plaque buildup doesn’t happen to your child.

Another reason to floss is that it removes bacteria from the mouth. There is evidence that dental disease can increase heart disease rates. It is believed that an infection in the mouth can affect the blood and cause blood clots.