Custom Fitted Mouth Guards

School Sports & Mouth Guards

July, August, September… time flies by entirely too fast. Eat, work, sleep, and repeat. When is there even time for anything else? Somehow, every year we find room in our busy schedules for our kids to play sports or multiple extracurricular activities. Next to buying new uniforms and gear, has buying a mouth guard crossed your mind? What about pediatric dentistry? No? Forget popping into an athletic store and finding something with the right fit for your child’s mouth. That sweet smile needs proper protection, so why not look into getting a custom-made mouth guard? It’s like taking the time to get the most ideal cleats or running shoes for your child’s feet! Since back-to-school is the most important time to keep your kids up-to-date on their dental check-ups, why not ask your dentist for a custom mouth guard fitting right then and there?

Why Guard Those Pearly Gates?

A mouth guard is generally made of plastic, which is formed to curve along the teeth and gums. There are three types of dental mouth guards: stock, boil & bite, and custom-fit. As the name explains, mouth guards are meant to protect your gums, teeth, and even your tongue. Think about all the jaw issues, broken teeth, and bitten tongues you and your child may have to live through if a dental mouth guard isn’t worn. Even non-contact sports and activities can easily result in a mouth injury. Accidents happen unexpectedly all the time but more so to children in sports or in P.E class. Mouth injuries lead to many more issues, which can then lead to a lot of money lost. Sports trauma is no joke. Send your child back to school ready to rock.

Does your child have braces or a dental appliance? This is another great reason to get a custom-made mouth guard. Say your child is playing basketball and catches an elbow to the cheek (hopefully this will never be the case – but hypothetically), braces can shred the inside of his/her mouth. As a parent, don’t let your guard down! Anything to keep your child from both getting hurt and having to go to the emergency room is a great thing. Still have some questions about whether or not your child should wear a mouth guard? We’d love to chat with you about some options to consider — request an appointment.

If your child does have a mouth guard, it should be cleaned often. Like a retainer, a mouth guard should be brushed and rinsed before and after each use. It should also be kept in a safe, clean place. Avoiding high temperatures keeps the mouth guard from warping or melting. Inevitably, a well-worn mouth guard will show wear, so having a back-up mouth guard is handy!

Basic benefits of dental mouth guards…

  • Prevent broken teeth
  • Prevent cuts and bruising on gums and tongue
  • Prevent teeth from moving
  • Absorb shock when impact is made to the mouth
  • Prevent braces/dental appliances with interfering in the mouth

Fun fact: Dental mouth guards come in multiple colors. What kid wouldn’t love that! Adds a little to the team spirit… am I right?

Pediatric Dentistry

Does your child need his or her routine teeth cleaning? Coming in for a custom-fit mouth guard? Let’s get your child set up for one of our back to school dental check ups. So much is ordered online, scheduled online, planned online these days. Why not request an appointment online? Pediatric dentistry is meant to be easy and painless for you and your family!