FREE Dental Day was a Success!

Thanks to the doctors and staff at SnodgrassKing Dental, over 500 Middle Tennesseans received free dental treatment this past Saturday, February 21st.

Four of the five SnodgrassKing offices were open Saturday from 7am-5:30pm. Each office saw over 100 patients, and the practice gave away over $200,000 in free dental services.

“Some of the people that we treated drove over 3.5 hours just to get our office. Then, the lines were so long, and their suffering so great, that they had to patiently wait in the waiting room from 7am until 4pm in many cases,” said Dr. Snodgrass, CEO of SnodgrassKing

Due to the overwhelming response of people in pain and need, SnodgrassKing expects to host another Free Dental Day in the future.

“Everyone we saw was so appreciative of our services. It was quite a humbling experience,” says Dr. Snodgrass. “In thinking about this day, our staff and our doctors thought that we would be blessing and reliving pain of a lot of Middle Tennesseans. Instead we were the ones blessed.”

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