Implants vs Dentures

Adult & Cosmetic Dentistry comes in all shapes and sizes this modern day and age. The number of procedures available to adults can absolutely be overwhelming to understand. Who knows where to help you begin? Whether you have had a run in with poor oral health or are missing teeth for any number of reasons such as an accident, dentures and implants are the two most common fixes.

Dental Implants and Dentures promote a more youthful smile and natural looking teeth for those looking for replacements. Essentially making you happier with your appearance and the improved status of your oral health.

When considering cosmetic dentistry, there are two major options as to whether or not the change is permanent.


Dentures are detachable surrogate teeth, which are made from measurements and impressions of your jaw. They are intended to replace any and all missing teeth. Also, while they may feel awkward initially, the muscles in your cheeks and tongue will soon become accustomed to your new oral addition. Just think of it like breaking in a new pair of running shoes, though many people happily wear dentures without discomfort.

There are two kinds of dentures:

  • Partials
  • Full Denture
    • Conventional – placed eight to twelve weeks after removal of teeth
    • Immediate – placed directly after removal of teeth

Both kinds of dentures are molded and fit snuggly to your mouth. When taking out full dentures and partials, be sure to keep them in a safe and dry place. No parents were ever happy about their kid accidentally throwing away his retainer after lunch, so keep a close eye on your own dental devices.

Speaking of lunch, a downside to wearing dentures is being more careful about what you eat. No gum, no extra hot or sticky substances, and no chewing on hard food like chicken wings. If denture fittings, adhesives, and extra cleanings are too much to deal with, consider the alternative. Both your mouth and denture will need to be cleaned to ensure good oral health.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are synthetic teeth surgically implanted into the jawbone, making a more permanent fix to missing teeth, in comparison to removable dentures. Generally, the procedure is as follows: an oral surgeon inserts “screws” into your jaw and attaches a fake tooth to it. This allows your jawbone and gums to continue growing healthily around the screw and new tooth. Adjustments rarely need to be made. In addition, irritation is uncommon, though there is some getting used to these new oral embellishments. With proper care similar to real teeth, dentures can last for up to a lifetime for over 90% of recipients. Isn’t cosmetic dentistry simply amazing?

This long-term commitment may be expensive in the forefront, but it pays for itself in the long run. No fear of eating certain foods or misplacing them. Care and maintenance is a breeze, especially if you already take care of your teeth through good adult and cosmetic dentistry. Though there are over 100 implant manufacturers, Snodgrass King Dentistry Associates are happy to help you weed through the choices and keep your implants in mint condition.

Clear Winner?

Overall, implants seem to beat dentures. Aside from being healthier for your mouth, implants preserve your sense of taste. Secondly, they do not shift or move around in your mouth for any reason once implanted. Low maintenance is the way to go. Implants, the comfortable fake teeth chameleons – they truly are the closest substitution to real teeth.

Regardless of whether you choose a temporary solution or a permanent fix, it is important to remember that your oral health is what is most important even in cosmetic dentistry. Dental implants do tend to be more expensive than dentures. Unfortunately, not all people are suited for implants. Looking good may not always feel good, so feel free to discuss your best option with us at Snodgrass King Dentistry Associate. Please do not feel too intimidated to ask questions.