Is Your Child's Smile Set for School Success

Healthy Smiles Pave the Way For School Success

You never know when your child is going to be sick or miss school. You can, though, help reduce the amount of school days missed a great deal by maintaining regular dental check-ups for your kids. We’ve seen that 51 million school hours are lost each year due to dental illness or dental related injury! Don’t let your child miss out on learning opportunities because he/she is absent due to frequent dental issues. Whether it’s cavities being filled, braces breaking, retainers bending, or chipped teeth repair from school sports, you can take steps to avoid missed opportunities easily by making sure your child has regular check-ups, proper mouth protection, and an at home dental hygiene routine! Injury and check-ups may not be the only cause of your child’s missed opportunities in school, though.

Tooth aches and gum issues… these contribute to whether a child can focus in class or are distracted by pain and other physical stressors. Who can’t think straight with a headache? My hand is raised. Imagine having multiple cavities or canker sores and the teacher is asking you questions or handing out a pop quiz. Pediatric dentistry shows that dental caries, better known by parents as cavities or tooth decay, affect 4 in 10 children and lead to speech issues, self-esteem problems, and a lack of focus. Not to scare you – the reality of bad teeth will have you dragging your child in for a dental check up in no time.

Not surprisingly, some kids are extremely embarrassed or uncomfortable with their smiles. Same thing goes for parents and adults in general. Having a better smile can seriously boost your child’s self-confidence. Why not give your child the opportunity to fix any oral issues? Two dental check ups a year can keep the surgeons away… and those pesky cavities. No more pursed lips and closed mouth grins when someone with a camera yells, “Cheese!” Let them feel good in their own skin.

Statistics on Smiles + Dental Hygiene:

  • About 45% of people are unhappy with their smiles.
  • People with good teeth are 58% more likely to be noted as successful.
  • Roughly 30% of people say they notice teeth first.
  • 74% of people think that bad teeth can damage their success rate in life.
  • 51 million school hours are lost each year due to dental illness
  • Learn more about smiles and school success

It’s hard to say if a teacher would actually like your child more if he/she had a better smile, but you can see that statistics agree that good smiles do play an important part in someone’s success. Missing fewer days of school and being more focused are absolutely two positives. No parent likes to see a child sick or fall behind in school for problems that may in fact have easy solutions.

Why wait until your child becomes an adult to have a dental check up? Childhood dental hygiene carries into adulthood, and all of the issues continue. It’s easy – request an appointment online with us! Nervous? Don’t be. Nip the bad dental hygiene in the bud, and send your child to school with a permanent grin.