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Meet Dr. Jason J. Roedig

We are lucky to say that Snodgrass-King Dental Associates has a rock star team of dentists and orthodontists at all five of our locations. Did you know that we have a team in Spring Hill? Meet Dr. Jason J. Roedig from our Spring Hill office!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I was born and raised in Kentucky, outside of Cincinnati, OH. Love the KY Wildcats, and I’m an only child.

October is National Orthodontic Health Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, two causes that are extremely important to me. I do a lot with my aunt’s non-profit breast cancer foundation called Chicks & Chucks, Inc. To see someone fighting for life… it’s easy to lose track of how lucky we are to be alive and healthy. For my aunt, she was a driving force for me, along with my mother.

Is anyone in your family a dentist?

I don’t have anyone in my family that does dentistry or medicine, but I knew in college that I wanted to help people. I knew that I wanted to be a physician or dentist or something in that field.

Sophomore and junior year of college, I sent out resumes to a bunch of people in those fields in Kentucky. An orthodontist took me in! He even said that I could work with him every summer, so I became an ortho assistant. Now, as an orthodontist, I’ve worked with people that have said, “You don’t know what it’s like to be an ortho assistant.” But I do! I had to be one first! The orthodontist that I worked with never had a bad day, and he loved his patients. That job taught me that I really enjoyed ortho and the patient interaction.

Why did you move to Tennessee?

Growing up, in state tuition is so much less expensive. In KY, we got scholarship money for staying in state for college. I was looking for a more personalized education, so I went to a small liberal arts school. I also love tennis, so I got to play college tennis for a small division 3 school, Centre College. Basically, I really wanted to play a college sport and stay in state. Come junior year, I stopped tennis and focused on my academics.

After I got done with my undergrad is when I looked at Middle TN. Going to small liberal arts school, I believe you really get to meet those “forever” friends since it’s so small. Many of my friends went to grad school in Middle TN, and when I visited them, I fell in love with Nashville. It has southern hospitality and rapidly growing for young professionals. Now, I’ve been here almost 4 years.

Why did you choose to work at Snodgrass-King?

At Snodgrass-King, I love that it’s not just one doctor providing input. You can bounce ideas about cases off one another. Everyone has their way of thinking, but it’s so valuable to have other people’s idea to learn more. As an only child, it may not sound like the wrong answer, but I do love the teamwork and other people’s opinions.

I started in Cool Springs and then six months later moved to Spring Hill. You don’t find many practices where the doctors interact this much. I feel like it drives us all to be better doctors as well. In dentistry, you have to be self-motivated. But when one dentist tries something new, you want to try new things as well.

What do you love about being an orthodontist?

I love to get to use my mind and hands. Best part of my day is that I get to interact with children and adults – people in general. It warms my heart when I treat two kids and then a parent wants to then come to us too. When I do win an adult over, it’s the best compliment ever because not many adults feel comfortable getting orthodontic treatment as they age.

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