Chomp Bites with Dr. Snodgrass

Chomp Bites with
Dr. Snodgrass

Dr. Snodgrass, Chomp and Snodgrass-King patients share their words of wisdom and helpful tips about dental hygiene, protecting your smile and orthodontics.

Dr. Snodgrass, Niveah, and Chomp are here with a friendly reminder that if you’ve let your regular dental appointments in Tennessee slip during the past year, it’s time to see your dentist again. Remember to set up an appointment every six months to keep your child’s teeth healthy.

Dr. Snodgrass, The Bradley Family, and Chomp are here for your Chomp Bite of the Week. Remember when you move to a new area to establish a relationship with a pediatric dentist and their team of Tennessee dental hygeinists, pediatric orthodontists, and dental professionals.

Dr. Snodgrass, his assistant Luke, and Chomp