Snodgrass-King and His Little Feet Haitian Choir

This article has been taken from its original source here – WKRN : News Channel 2

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – More than a dozen Haitian orphans are in Franklin recording an album and soon will be performing at various locations in the United States

Over the next nine months, the choir made up of 15 Haitian orphans will be performing concerts all across the United States with the help of a local non-profit organization.

Michael and Christa Hahn are the founders of the His Little Feet Foundation.

“His Little Feet exist to help love and train vulnerable children all around the world. And so what they do the children come from Haiti, they be the voice for many children and then at our events Americans are giving the opportunity to respond they can go and serve orphans around the world, they can sponsor children in other parts of the world that need help and even people that are interested in adoption. We give people that outlet,” Christa Hahn said.

The Hahn’s told News 2 this is the first group of orphans that have been released by the United States and Haitian government since the deadly earthquake earlier this year.

The 15 orphans represent a small portion of the thousands of children still fighting for their life in Haiti from the aftermath of the earthquake.

“The opportunity for these kids to do something like this at such a young age is life changing for them,” Hahn said.

Before the children begin their tour, Hahn said the children’s health and dental needs will be taken care of.

On Saturday, the children received dental care from Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates.

“We are being very well taken care of,” Hahn said.

All of the children will return to a children’s home in Haiti at the end of the nine months.

Hahn told News 2 that all of the children have their college education paid for in the future.

The Hahn’s hope to have the upcoming album completed in January with all of the proceeds from sales going to His Little Feet.

The 15 Haitian orphans will be performing in the Nashville area in May.

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