Teaching Your Children About Dental Health

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In terms of present-day, dental health is a general term for the overall health and status of your mouth. Dental health is another way of saying oral health or the health of your mouth. Your mouth is a window into the entire health of your body. It can show signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infections.

What is Dental Health?

Dental health is the status of your overall health and mouth. Dental Health is important for many reasons. Good oral and dental hygiene not only prevents you from bad breath but also prevents tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, it can help keep your teeth longer as you get older. An unhealthy mouth, especially if you have gum disease, may increase any health problems you have and turn them serious.

Dental Health is and should be important starting at a young age. When you start taking care of your children’s teeth you are helping them begin a healthy lifestyle. As a child, parents should start to implement brushing the child’s teeth and taking them to regular dental visits. When taking your child to early dental visits you help your child gain the best oral and dental care. Dental care is important on so many levels not only for oral health but for their overall health. 

The Importance of Early Childhood Dental Visits

It is important to take your child or children to the dentist early to begin regular check-ups. When taking your child to early check-ups you help prevent lifelong problems that your child can have if they don’t go to dental visits. This is important to go to dental visits to ensure that their mouths are healthy in the beginning and will stay healthy throughout their lives.

What Does My Child Need During a Dental Visit?

When making sure your child is healthy, ensure early check-ups and this will help make sure that your child isn’t getting any tooth decay. In early check-ups, you are helping not only prevent cavities but different types of tooth decay, which can also cause the child pain and trouble concentrating, as well as many other health issues. It is also important to start this process to help make your child feel comfortable and get that relationship with the dentist started.

How Can I Help My Child Get Ready for the Dentist?

Sometimes the dentist can be a very scary place and if you start early check-ups and visits with taking your child to the dentist, this can help your child feel more safe and secure when visiting the dentist. It is also important to take your child so that you can find out if they have any small problems that the dentist can check and help when going to that first dental visit.

It is often that children have problems with their teeth and parents may never know because they waited too long to get their child’s teeth checked out. If you notice any problems with your child’s teeth you should take them to a pediatric dentist to have them checked out. Also, reach out to a dentist if those problems are continuous and your child is feeling uncomfortable. 

What to Expect

When to Take Your Child to The Dentist

You should take your child to see a dentist within 6 months of the time his/her first tooth comes in or by about 12 months at the latest. While at your appointment the dentist can give you more information on the growth of your child’s teeth. When telling the dentist about your child’s teeth make sure you are keeping track of the problems that are occurring. If they have occurred more than 5 times the dentist may tell you that this is uncommon and may want to run a test, take x-rays, etc.  

It’s best when you take your child to schedule an early morning visit. Taking a child to an early morning visit will help not only you but your child. Younger children are alert and fresh in the morning and also calmer.

It’s easier to get a child to do things first thing in the morning. Make sure you prepare a preschooler or older child for the visit by telling him or her what to expect and explaining why it’s important to go to the dentist. Our teeth are important parts of who we are and something that everyone sees when they talk to us.

Preparing Your Child to Visit The Dentist

Tell them that you go to the dentist and tell them that it is okay and a place that everyone has to go to. Help them become excited, allow them to be excited and tell them that the dentist provides toys and sometimes treats. Let them ask questions, but help them understand. If you feel that your child will be scared then explain to them that it can be scary but it will be okay.

Make sure you prepare yourself to discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s teeth and what you’ve been noticing to the dentist. Don’t allow your personal experience with a dentist to take over your child’s visit. If you don’t personally like the dentist don’t let your child know that you hate the dentist. Give your child the support they need during this exciting yet nervous time. If you feel that your child may not be as comfortable make sure you prepare the dentist.

Your Child’s First Visit

At the first visit give the dentist your child’s medical history. Let your dentist know how well your child does in new settings. Especially, if they tend to be stubborn, anxious, or fearful. If you anticipate that your child will be scared or uneasy, you should be there to help your child. When the dentist comes in, make sure you talk to the dentist and introduce your child to them. Furthermore, show your child that you aren’t afraid and that the dentist is nice.

Show your child other children that are enjoying the dentist. If you show and help your child understand that the dentist isn’t a bad place they may feel better about being there. Most children only have fears of things they don’t know or understand so helping your child understand the process of the dentist may make a world of difference and should help you and your child’s first dental visit be a breeze. 

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