3 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During the Holidays
Why it's important to teach your kids good dental habits



Keeping your mouth healthy during the holidays can be a challenge. Even though it’s hard to do, good dental habits are vital, especially for children. Teaching a child good dental habits will help them keep their growing teeth healthy, and also to develop habits for when their adult teeth come in. Dental health is one of the top things that should be stressed to a child when teaching them good, healthy habits in general, and is more so important during the holiday season. It is important to make sure they keep up with their regular brushing routine, attend their regular dental visits, and avoid too many sugary treats.

#1 Brush every morning and night 

Make sure that in the holiday season your child is brushing every morning and every night. During the holidays, there are all kinds of fun parties and events, in which children will most likely intake a larger amount of sweet treats than normal. The sugar in those candies will stay on your child’s teeth if their teeth go unbrushed. So it is important to teach your child early on that brushing is a good habit and is something they need to do twice daily. However, during this time of the year, it is extremely important. Sometimes brushing more than two times a day is needed to keep your child’s teeth healthy during the holidays.

Not brushing your teeth can cause multiple complications in your mouth. Bad breath, cavities, and plaque to name just a few. Good oral care and dental hygiene not only prevents you from having bad breath but also prevents tooth decay and gum disease.  Also brushing your child’s or children’s teeth daily will help their teeth stay healthy longer. Having an unhealthy mouth with a child may result in your child having cavities and needing silver caps on your child’s teeth due to sugars, not brushing, etc. By showing your child the importance of brushing at a young age it will help them in the long run. You are setting them on track for a lifetime of healthy habits. 

#2 Don’t Skip Your Dental Appointment During the Holidays

It is important to start taking your child or children to the dentist early on to begin regular check-ups. During these check-ups, your pediatric dentist will check for any abnormalities, clean your child’s teeth, and educate them on the importance of dental hygiene for keeping their teeth strong and healthy. Additionally, taking your child early will help form a relationship between your child and their dentist. 

Depending on your child’s age, their dentist may suggest coming in once every three months or maybe just once a year. Either way, it is important to keep up with these regular check-ups so that your child’s dentist can examine your child’s teeth, continue to prevent conditions, and prevent the worsening of any current conditions. 

We understand that scheduling appointments during the holidays can be seemingly impossible between all the vacations and time off, but don’t skip it! Skipping a dental appointment could be the difference between getting a filling and a crown to treat a cavity. If caught early enough, an increased treatment of fluoride may even be all that’s needed.

#3 Avoid Too Many Sugary Foods

While all the extra sweet treats during the holidays can be tempting, try setting a cap or general rule for your little ones. For example, only two treats after your meal or one while you are at the party. Sugary foods, juices, and candy are fine in moderation, but they can weaken and erode the enamel on your teeth which can cause a cavity or cavities depending on how much you consume. 

You should make sure that if your child does eat these foods that you have them rinse their mouth out and brush their teeth afterward to remove the sugar and harmful bacteria off of their teeth. 

This rule applies to sweetened liquids and medicines as well due to the sugars in both the drinks and medicine that they are taking. While children are growing, their mouth and teeth are getting strong and trying to grow as well. So, helping your child brush their teeth and avoid cavities is key. It is important that as your child’s permanent teeth grow, you are helping your child keep those teeth the healthiest they can be so they don’t run into any complications with their dental health as an adult.

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It is important that your child is brushing and avoiding those sugary foods to prevent cavities and stay healthy during the holidays. It is also important that if your child is due for their check-up around the holidays, don’t skip it! Be proactive. We understand that the holidays can be hectic and we will work with to make sure your child gets the care and attention they need. Regular dental appointments are part of good dental habits that children need to learn early to keep their teeth healthy during the holidays and the rest of their lives.

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