Treats for Troops Wraps up with a $10,000 Donation to Charlie Daniels’s Journey Home Project

DSCN1998 - webSnodgrassKing Pediatric Dental Associates of Middle Tennessee supports our local schools, our United States troops overseas, and our wounded veterans by donating $10,000 to Mt. Juliet’s Journey Home Project.
The Journey Home Project is a local non-profit organization, founded in 2014 by country music legend Charlie Daniels, to assist our nation’s post-911 veterans and their families as these heroes transition back into civilian life. One of the Project’s stated goals is “to raise awareness of the sacrifice that these Veterans have made, and to motivate local communities to rally behind these young men and women as they strive to reach their maximum potential.”

For the past several years, SnodgrassKing has organized a Halloween Candy Buy-Back program, Treats for Troops. This year over 3300lbs of candy was collected by local schools and donated to SnodgrassKing. In return, the schools received $5750.

“The mission for Treats for Troops has always been to give back to our schools, our kids, our communities, and to support our troops, the volunteer heroes who too often have to make the ultimate sacrifice to insure our freedoms,” says Dr. David Snodgrass. “We believe it is our duty to express our gratitude and appreciation to our veterans for their sacrifice and we hope that by doing this it will inspire other businesses to step up their donations.”

Dr. Snodgrass presented the $10,000 check to Charlie Daniels, Journey Home Project Founder, on December 8, 2015 at 12:30pm at the SnodgrassKing Mt. Juliet location.

“We very much appreciate it and we thank you so much for it,” Charlie Daniels said. “I’m like you, I hope it will motivate some businesses to maybe contribute.”