Think Your Child Needs Orthodontic Braces?

What to Expect When Getting Braces

To some kids, getting braces is thought of as a normal part of growing up. Maybe a sibling, cousin, or even a friend has had braces before. Maybe they are even excited about customizing their own with different colored rubber bands. Other kids, who fear the dentist, may also fear getting braces. Thankfully, just by knowing what to expect with braces can make the process a much easier experience for all ages. After all, there isn’t an age limit for braces! See our blog called “Get it ‘Straight’ | Adults Need Braces Too to see what we mean.

Before Getting Braces

Not all people need braces, but the thing is… teeth just don’t always grow straight or evenly. Unevenly spaced out teeth is one of the main reasons why kids (and adults) need braces. Sometimes children have different sized upper and lower jaws, such as a malocclusion (overbite or underbite) that needs fixing.

Today, braces have become a perfectly refined process. While metal braces are still used, patients may have the option to get clear braces as well. Fun colored rubber bands on traditional braces are still a kid favorite, though.

There is some necessary prep work before the braces are actually applied. First, x-rays will need to be taken along with teeth impressions or molds. This prep helps your orthodontist to best plan out your treatment plan. How long braces are worn is dependent on the patient’s mouth, needs, and progress during treatment. But generally, our patients can expect wearing braces from between 18 months to 3 years.

Tooth Talk Tip: Keeping a strict regimen for cleaning, maintaining oral health, and ensuring you use your appliances as directed while wearing braces or clear alternatives. This will prevent the treatment plan form extending further into the future.

While Getting Braces

(The following relates to traditional metal & rubber band braces)…

Your teeth should be clean upon getting braces. This is because your orthodontist needs a clean surface to cement the braces. Some dentists recommend having a professional cleaning appointment a few days before having your braces placed. Your teeth are cleaned and dried, and then special glue is placed as cement to hold the brackets to your teeth. Once the brackets are in place, the wires are placed and rubber bands are used to secure them.

Overall, it generally takes about an hour or two for braces to be applied, and no pain should be felt during the procedure. Some mild discomfort is to be expected once the braces are set in place. A few days of sensitivity is common. Parents, you may decide to give your child over-the-counter pain medications to dull any soreness. Keep in mind – the soreness may last up to a week, but it should never be unbearable. It is recommended to start off eating soft foods for the first few days or even a week after having braces applied.

The Benefits You Can Expect With Braces

The main benefit of getting braces is a picture-perfect smile for the rest of your life. But the benefits don’t stop there! Correcting your teeth will reduce damage to your teeth, reduce wear and tear, and keep your teeth healthy for longer. As a result, you can avoid the need for root canals, veneers, and other restorative dental procedures. Learn more about The Long-Term Benefits of Braces for Children.

Get Braces at Snodgrass-King in Middle Tennessee

It is extremely important to schedule and attend regular check-ups with your orthodontist and dentist, as well as practice proper hygiene. So if your child needs braces, we encourage you to seek the best possible orthodontic care for yourself and your loved ones. When you choose a Snodgrass-King Orthodontics you choose “a smile to build a future on.” Use our online contact form to easily request an appointment. We’d love to answer all your dental-related questions and concerns.