9 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Teeth

Everyone likes to watch what they eat, whether it be for themselves or their children. But did you know that what you eat also has an effect on the health of your teeth? 

Certain foods can help feed the bacteria responsible for developing plaque or stains on your teeth. In contrast, other foods can break down your gums and tooth structure as enamel deteriorates when sugars or starch mix with the plaque. 

Here are 5 foods and drinks to avoid for healthy teeth and good oral health:

1. Soda

Although a very popular beverage among children, soda can cause serious problems for the health of your teeth. The sugar in the drink sits on your teeth and erodes tooth enamel. This erosion can cause tooth decay and cavities, and the chances are higher the more soda you drink! 

Soda also contains acidic byproducts, in addition to the sugars, that can wear away and soften tooth enamel, leaving them vulnerable to plaque buildup and erosion.

soda is one of the best foods to avoid for healthy teeth